After being in development for over two years, on Sunday, July 10th, the Official Trailer for Wallie’s Gals was released. The trailer aims to highlight the condundrum the Gals had back in the ’80s at the store they worked at called “Wallie’s Big Deals.” Eventually the store stopped doing much business due to the new fad of pleather, something “Dick’s Thrifty” had a lot of. The Gals ramp up and use their individual quirks to come to the rescue. But they still face difficulties with the antagonists: Dick of “Dick’s Thrifty,” the big competitor, and Leanne, the Beauty Pageant Winner girlfriend of Wallie (the owner of the store). Leanne didn’t work at the store but hung around a lot and looked down on the Gals. Of course, 30 years later those days are not forgotten, as Maxine, who managed “Wallie’s Big Deals” back then, aims to find the Gals to help her out again. We then see the Gals are still kind of “different” and not as excited about those “Wallie’s Big Deals” days as Maxine is. But can they help? Well…they incidentally reunite with the antagonists too where Maxine realizes the level of their treachery.

Wallie’s Gals is a tale of believing in oneself, as well as is being unafraid to relive the past.

Watch the Official Trailer at the Teasers & Trailer page.