Mary brings back the warm and fuzzies of the past. And the pain too. Because sometimes you have to laugh through the tears.

Mary C. Ferrara is an actress and filmmaker from Quincy, MA who’s work has drawn both national and international accolades; she draws from her personal experiences in bringing forth films that are both real and relatable. And funny.  Because sometimes you have to laugh through the tears. 

How it began…

It wasn’t until 1999 that Mary really got “the bug” to perform and be in the Arts. This overworked 28-year old joined an activities organization called “Common Interests.” Their purpose was to organize events for busy adults looking for people to do stuff with. It was through them that she discovered…improv. One of the events Mary went to was a show at the Improv Asylum. After she thought “Why not take a class in this, might be fun…” She signed up that year for Level 1 and immediately was hooked on performing. Mary was the first to graduate from both Improv Asylum’s and ImprovBoston’s training programs; and performed in improv and sketch troupes for several years, even performing in NYC and Chicago.

Improv is still an inspiration in her performing, directing and writing. After almost 20 years of performing, in improv, theatre, and film (with some directing and writing thrown in), 2018 opened up an opportunity to produce and help direct a SAG film as part of the January 2018 Actor’s Green Room Film Challenge in NYC, the award-winning film Candlestick Justice (a First Time Productions film). After that she decided to produce, write, direct, and star in her own film, the award-winning Schmoopie, inspired by a break up and her love of animals (Mary has volunteered at the Quincy Animal Shelter since 2008). Under the umbrella of her own production company, Call it a Whim Productions, she has continued to write; notably, she wrote the award-winning short script Red Shirt, about a woman who goes on a blind date not knowing anything about her date other than he has a red shirt; she then runs into a high school classmate before she can meet him and chaos ensues.

Mary hopes to produce her script, Red Shirt, in 2024; in 2019, she oversaw production on Wallie’s Gals, about a group of women who reunite (30 years later) after working in a discount clothing store together. Currently on the festival circuit. Mary recently completed her feature script, “Girl Aloud,” a drama about a middle-aged woman named Randy who is faced with the loss of her “voice” when her own mother turns against her…with the aid of Randy’s boss. Currently on the festival circuit.

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View Mary’s Directing reel, with some of her favorite scenes that she’s directed.

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Mary hamming it up with her maternal grandfather and cousin Eileen. 

Mary's first live stage performance, her graduation show at the Improv Asylum.

Mary with Michael Maggiani and Stephanie Eaton, her co-stars in Schmoopie, at the Avalonia Festival