As get closer to finishing Wallie’s Gals (the trailer should be out by June, the film should be ready for film festivals by fall) I frequently sit back and go over things in my head about what I learned from the experience over the last 3 1/2 years (since the script was first written).

There were definitely things I would have done differently. 2019 was definitely not the best time for me to undertake a project due to being in between jobs; but I somehow knew that if I waited, it wouldn’t have happened. And I was right. From actors moving away, joining the union, to the pandemic, waiting would have ended it sooner than later.

As I finish up the yearlong program I’ve been doing with Culture Hustlers, that is training me on how to make a living in the Arts, as well as how to market Wallie’s Gals, I was reminded that “I made a film.” That “I finished it. I didn’t procrastinate. ” And I am proud of myself for that and honestly, I don’t know what kept me going other than I believed in it. I knew the world needed it. There are things in the film that will resonate with everyone. The word “Believe” figures into Wallie’s Gals, and in the end, that will get anyone through to finish a project. You just have to believe in it.

Believing is everything.


I felt so green when we started filming, and I definitely learned the hard way that having more crew members will make the production go smoother and quicker. And definitely plan shots to a tee, which to be honest I didn’t do at the beginning. One thing I did do was talk about the characters with the actors, writing character backstories really does help. As well as listening to the actors’ own insight on their characters.

Believe. Plan. Move forward. And you will be able to get through anything.