Pam - The Black Widow Junkie
Short comedy about Pam, who wants to be a superhero but luck has not always been on her side. Until today.

Completed and made public on August 4, 2020.

Currently being submitted to film festivals.

Short dramedy about a woman finding happiness after a breakup.

Completed March 2018.

Became public on YouTube in June 2019.

Wallie's Gals Logo
Comedy feature film about a group of women who reunite 30 years after working in a discount clothing store together.

Production began in June 2019. Currently on festival circuit.

Candlestick Justice
(Under the production company name of First Time Productions)

A SAG short dramedy about a group of women who meet at a teacher’s house to discuss the fight that happened between their kids inside the teacher’s classroom.
Completed January 2018.
Currently finished with the festival circuit. Stay tuned for further developments.