“Pam wants to be a superhero but luck has not always been on her side. Until today.”

During the Pandemic of 2020, when Mary C. Ferrara heard that award-winning RI-based screenwriter Lenny Schwartz planned to write a “film from home” film inspired by the cancellation of the San Diego Comic Con (which he goes to every year), she jumped right on board. Over 100 people signed up to film scenes that Lenny wrote, not knowing how their individual scenes tied into the others.

Mary had had the Black Widow jacket for years just because she loved the style. The pleather pants she had bought for her film “Wallie’s Gals”…and well….she just had to get the red wig to match.

The footage seen in “Pam – The Black Widow Junkie” is actually what did not make it into Lenny’s film (called “Comic Book Junkies”). With over 100 participants you can imagine that if all was used it would be one really long film. So she just had to use her extra footage, had to have fun with it; and with the blessing of Lenny, created “Pam – The Black Widow Junkie.”

This pandemic has been tough but in many ways has made us creative types do things we may never have done. And in ways … well….we may never have done it. Enjoy Mary’s exploration into the “superhero” world. Because boy, do so many of us feel like we have a lot to conquer these days.
Currently being submitted to film festivals.