So the “Wallie’s Gals” script got Honorable Mention at the Life After Life Films: FEM FEST! A nice little boost ahead of filming. I submitted it to another festival for some feedback (still hoping to get a few more edits in ahead of filming). Also because I feel like the 80s flashback section of this script is one I’d love to explore more I’m currently writing a pilot for it! I will update more on the direction of that.

My script “Red Shirt” won Best Short Script from this same festival. I’m hoping to produce this into a film in 2020, I already have a couple of local actors in mind for it (sometimes in writing you just envision or base characters on people you know/worked with, can really help with fleshing out characters more).

To get back to “Wallie’s Gals,” still looking for a thrift store for the flashback scenes. There’s a location I want for the restaurant scene, and hope to book that in the near future. I’m real excited about this and be sure to check back right here for future updates!