A short script I wrote for the NYC Midnight Challenge competition, “Take a ‘Pause out of Crime,” is an Official Coronet Selection of this month’s Queen Palm International Film Festival! I took feedback from the challenge, updated it and submitted it to a couple of festivals on a whim (to see if it could stand up). So this was a nice surprise. The script is about menopausal woman who owns a valuable stolen necklace her husband bought for her while on a trip to Hawaii; the criminals who stole it and sold it to a pawn store (where the couple bought it) then need it back. The genre I got was “action adventure” for the challenge but it ended up being quite comedic. I think it’s a fun romp and I’m trying to have it optioned off (if you have access to an airstrip for this you’re gold :-))

I really like doing these NYC Midnight Challenges, they can give you ideas and inspiration that you normally may never have; I just wrote for their short story challenge last month and hope to do their upcoming short script challenge this Spring.