Candlestick Justice was born from the Actor’s Green Room (in NYC) January 2018 film challenge. Produced by Mary C. Ferrara and Randi Sloane under the “First Time Productions” name, it brought together 7 actors who had never met or worked together before. Written by the talented Sarah Kinsey, Candlestick Justice came out “of the vault” to screen (with several other great short films directed by women) as part of the 2nd Annual Lois Weber Film Festival on Saturday, March 30th. The festival ran from 2-6pm at the Elm Draught House Cinema in Millbury, MA.

The film ended up winning “Best Ensemble.”  We had an amazing cast: Sarah Kinsey, Randi Sloane, Judith Anna De Donato, Rina Mejia, Mary C. Ferrara, Rachel Korb, and Dax Richardson. Written by Sarah Kinsey and filmed and edited by Chris Esper.   Edward Morris assisted with sound. Congrats to everyone and a multitude of thanks to the Lois Weber Film Festival, for honoring female directors. We definitely need more of them.