Hey everyone!
Here’s to a more successful and healthier New Year for all. I don’t know about you, but keeping creative has kept me from being seriously bored during this past year. So some updates on what I’ve been up to:

WALLIE’S GALS: I spent 7 months working on the rough cut of Wallie’s Gals and I was kind of sad to end that to be honest. It was a nice revisit of the footage. And even though it’s still considered in rough form, the people I’ve shown it to really like it. Yes, there were some hurdles during filming but still…it’s something I’m very proud of.
I would like to do some additional filming, but when it’s safe of course. I found a lot of great music for it and just actually brought in a composer to help with some underscoring and an original song (which I will be looking for singers for). I am still working on the trailer. It’s been kind of a challenge because this project is kind of unique in figuring how much do I reveal. Still I enjoy watching what I’ve done so far, so I hopefully will have something done in the near future.

THE CORPORATE VIRUS: This is a short script I wrote to address the hardship of leaving a job, something personal to me. I took some notes from a festival and now am revamping a chunk of it to be more honest, less comedic. To really reflect the harsh realities of not being to afford the simple things anymore. I always feel writing is best when it is embued with the personal and this definitely strikes many chords with me.

FESTIVAL UPDATES: On the already-released films front, I’m happy to say “Schmoopie” just got into the Standalone Film Festival. Last summer I did slow it down on the festival front but a bit later thought I’d submit it to a few more for some added exposure. “Pam – The Black Widow Junkie” is still doing the festival circuit. This was fun to film and definitely helped me with some editing techniques.

UPCOMING FILMING: Due to Covid and post production for “Wallie’s Gals,” filming for my script “Red Shirt” will probably end up happening in 2022.

That’s it for now, Happy New Year again and stay safe!