The founder of Call it a Whim, Mary C. Ferrara, has tried to stay creatively busy during this pandemic. Along with editing the rough cut of “Wallie’s Gals” (looking really good!), she is revising a new script called “The Corporate Virus; she also filmed from home some scenes for a couple of films.

Lenny Schwartz, a wonderful award-winning screenwriter/playwright based in Rhode Island, wrote the films “Far from Perfect: Life Inside a Global Pandemic” and “Comic Book Junkies.” Both were written this year and involved sending scenes to actors that they could film from home. No one knew how the scenes all fit together, so it was really fun to watch the final products.

For the film “Comic Book Junkies,” Mary dressed up as the Marvel character “Black Widow.” It was a lot of fun! Some of the shot footage didn’t make the end product due to length; so Mary decided to use the footage and create the new original film “Pam – The Black Widow Junkie”:

It was fun to test out some things in Final Cut Pro.

Also she was interviewed for the Rolling Ideas Film Festival. Covers her experiences as a fairly new filmmaker:


She still hopes to release the “Wallie’s Gals” trailer in the next few months.

Thanks for everyone’s support, and hope everyone stays safe and healthy!