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Quotes from festivals:

The panel and I enjoyed watching Schmoopie! Yet again you did an incredible job at Writing, Directing, and Acting. The story was very heart-warming with some laughs as well. The Cinematography was appealing to the eye. The Editing was smooth. The score fit the genre perfectly. And I personally loved the dogs as well. Great job, Mary!

– Pinnacle Film Awards

I have mentioned before that Schmoopie is an excellent film. Remarkable job at Writing, Directing, and Acting! The Cinematography and editing helped tell your story in a professional way. The Score matched the feel of the film perfectly as well. Awesome job, Mary!

– Mindfield Film Festival – Albuquerque

[Excerpted so to not give spoilers] There is an innocent sweetness about the film Schmoopie. Animals tend to be a great comfort to humans, especially during difficult times, and Schmoopie captures the concept….

The romantic and human sides are beautifully enhanced and intertwined by the gorgeous music.

Overall the short is building a very soft, warm and poetic atmosphere….

– BELIFF – Be Epic! Film Fest LONDON

The shot quality is very well done and the dynamic interplay between the 2 main characters really impressed our judges. Great job!

– Atlanta Playhouse Film Festival

People go through things… Good things and bad things… Schmoopie teaches us that a simple conversation can change the tides of the future. Schmoopie is a conversation on the surface but a life-changing event deep within. A great conversation starter.

– jellyFEST