Wallie’s Gals Pilot and Casting Call!

Hey everyone, so after writing “Wallie’s Gals” the short film I realized that we don’t see much of the characters in the 80s flashbacks (being that it’s already a 20-minute film I didn’t want to make it too much longer) so I just wrote a first draft (getting feedback as we speak) of a 24-page pilot focused on those characters!

This may evolve to a web series but I’d like to have it filmed myself, starting late summer. May take a bit of time as it involves several locations. I’d also like to have original music come out of it 

The main premise is that thirtysomething Wallie has owned a discount clothing store (forced on him by his cold businessman father) for about 10 years but it’s sinking…due to poor management and new competition. He and his wacky employees try different things to help the business but in the end, Wallie needs to do some soul searching to figure out what he wants to do….or who he needs to trample on 😉

I have a couple of actors in mind for a couple of roles, I will be reaching out to them soon, but there are a couple of roles I need to fill soon, as they will be needed for the short film:

Maxine: Late 20s/early 30s, street smart, manager of Wallie’s.

Leanne: Late teens/early 20s, quiet, elusive, kind of like a mix of the Eleven character from “Stranger Things” and Ally Sheedy’s character in “The Breakfast Club.”

Anyone interested, please email me at mary@marycferrara.com. Thanks!