Wallie’s Gals Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew
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Brett Johnson as Wallie
Rosemary Pacheco as Maxine
Danielle Gensler as Lorraine
Audrey Noone as Jeannette
Therese Lloyd as Maureen/Maneki
Mary C. Ferrara as Leanne
Bradley Rhodes as Dick
Christie Devine as Young Maxine
Casey Schryer as Young Lorraine
Christina Costello as Young Jeannette
Jenny Reagan as Young Maureen/Maneki
Devon Padley as Young Leanne
Charlie Alejandro as Maggie the Cop

Writer/Director/Producer: Mary C. Ferrara
Associate Producer: Marcia Goetsch
Directors of Photography: Tim Labonte and Edward Wright
Sound: Edward Wright and Marcia Goetsch
Production Design: Nancy Ferrara, Mary C. Ferrara and Lisa Wynn
Graphic Design: Mary C. Ferrara and Vikki Rush
Editor: Marcia Goetsch

Thanks to the following people for their support:
Tom Anastasi, JJ Blake, Mark Bourbeau, Seth Chitwood, Andrew Clark, Patricia DelVal, Christie Devine, Judith Anna Di Donato, Katherine DiMarca, Jenn Dlugos, Steve Ferrara, Tom Galindo, Marcia Goetsch, Michael Gonza, Angela Gunn, Charlie Hatton, Christian Sterling Hegg, Jodi Hemmer, Marcela Jaramillo, Michael Maggiani, Karis Maree, Kristin Marks, Owen Myre, Rosie Pacheco, John Padley, Mary Paolino, Jennifer Roffey, Nancy A. Scott, Randi Sloane, Joye Thaller, Cathie Theofanis, Monica Wheeler, Daniel Lee White, Hammad Zaidi, and Shara Ashley Zeiger.

Lion's Den Thrift Store
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